Ramadan, Time For Renewal Of Soul And Body

Ramadan is a golden opportunity to purify both the soul and the body through renewing focus on God and a healthy lifestyle, say religious and health experts in Oman as the country is awaiting the arrival of the holy month of blessings.

“Fasting is one of the things that is been mentioned in all religions as it has a very good spiritual impact on any human being. Ramadan is a time to remember the poor, and fasting makes you more patient, down to earth and appreciative of what you have,” said Hilal Al Rashdi, an adviser at the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs.

Speaking to the Times of Oman, Al Rashdi said that the spiritual impact of fasting will be stronger if it is accompanied by reciting the Holy Quran, remembering Allah, praying and indulging in acts of charity.

All these good deeds will help purify the ‘inner side’ of the human being and brings ‘inner peace’, he said.

“When you want to pray and stand in front of the Creator, not only do you clean your body but you also cleanse your soul. Also, the more you recite the Quran, the closer you become to Allah. If you want to talk to Allah, pray, and if you want Allah to talk to you, recite the Quran,” said Al Rashdi.

Commenting on the rewarding act of charity, the advisor said that it is a blessing from God and the person who donates something should consider it an opportunity granted by Allah.

“When you donate something to somebody, you are practically giving him something but basically he is taking whatever Allah has decided for him that very day, that very moment, that very time and from that very person,” he said.

“So you have been directed, shown the way, given the means and given the wealth by God as if you are a messenger from Allah to give the charity to that person. So you are doing your job. You are not doing that person a favour. He is doing you a favour,” added Al Rashdi.

He also noted that charity should be given with ‘sincere intentions’ and not to ‘show off’.

Apart from the spiritual impact of fasting, health experts believe that it can help rejuvenate the body and bring the focus back on the significance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

“The many benefits of Ramadan are not only spiritual, and fasting can help a lot in reforming our body,” Ahmed Hamed Al Wahaibi, senior consultant in Family Medicine at the Ministry of Health, told the Times of Oman.

“Studies have shown that during fasting, the blood vessels have less fluid and this increases the immunity of the body,” he said, adding that even the dead cells in the body are replaced.

Al Wahaibi said that people can reap numerous health benefits from fasting if they follow a healthy and balanced diet and also continue it even after Ramadan.

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