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Teaching prayer in Swahili
Teaching prayer in Tagalog language
Teaching Prayer in Bengali
And So Prayed The Prophet Mohammad – Arabic
Et Ainsi Priait Le Prophète Mohammad
Is The Holy Qur’an Really from Allah?
Salma Narrated – 10 Languages
Quran Creed Series V7 – Establish The Prayer
Al Jamic Assahih Urdu
Al Jamic Assahih French
Хариджиты – кто они?
Первоначальное течение ислама
Salaa/Prayer – Guide for New Muslims
Unserstanding Islam
25 Dua’s From The Holy Qur’an
Oman – The Islamic Democratic Tradition
Al-Khawarij Reality Or Legend – No.3
Al Abjadeyyah (basic info) for teaching students reading and writing through the Holy Quran
Madhahib – (Doctrines)
Major Sins
Al-Khawarij Reality Or Legend – No.1
The Pioneer Sect Of Islam
The Guide Ruling Of Menstruation Postpartum Bleeding
Ushahidi Uliowekwawazi katika suala la Miandamo Ya Mwezi (Swahili)
Ukhalifa Mjadala Wa Kielimu Kuhusu Ukhalifa Wa Kiislamu (Swahili)
Khawarij Baina Ya Ukweli Na Visa Vya Kutunga Juzuu Ya Kwanza (Swahili)
A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam
Guide to Hajj Step by Step
The Twenty Five Prophets
One God One Religion
Instructing Children In What Is Required Of Man
Academic Articles on Ibadism
Ibadhism A Moderate Sect Of Islam
Atheism Islamic Perspective
The Effect Of Islam On Morale
Tafauti ya Muandamo (Swahili)
Hukumu ya Sigara ( Swahili )
Q/A about Ibadhism & Prayer (Urdo)
Q/A about Ibadhism & Prayer (Swahili)
The Overwhelming Truth
Le rôle de l’Ecole Ibâdite dans l’élaboration du droit islamique et dans l’édification de la civilisation de l’Islam / (France-French)
The Intoxicants
A Cultural Reading Of Paradise
The Pioneer Sect Of Islam / URDO
Studies In Ibadhism
IBADHISM The Cinderella Of Islam
Ibadi Reformism In Twentieth-Century Algeria
Al Ibādiya History, Methodology and Principles
25 Facts About Islam
The Best God’s Creation
Happiness Is In Following The Truth
A Brief Guide To Ritual Bathing (Ghusl)
The Effect Of Enthusiasm In Islam
The Importance Of Knowledge
The Holy Qur’an – A Treasure of Rare Scientific
How To Pray
This is Hajj (Pilgrimage)
The Basic Tenets Of Islam
5 Pillars Of Islam