Issues related to Fast Validity

– It is permissible for the fasting person to taste the food with his tongue in order to know the good food from the bad one and then spit it out, since the forbidden thing is to swallow the stuff.

– Anyone who eats or drinks assuming that it is still night, then discovers that it was already daybreak, has to refast his day according to one opinion, whereas according to another opinion, no refasting is required of him, and this is the one mostly in use.

– Anyone who eats or drinks assuming that the sun has set, then discovers that it has not, will have to refast that day.

– Those who take a break in the fast of Ramadān with reason, like for being sick or having a period or childbirth, are obliged to make up for the number of days in which they broke off consecutively even though the break days were separate.

– Anyone who delays making up for the days in which he broke off fast until the next Ramadān has come round, has to fast the present Ramadān and make up for the delayed break days later. According to some scholars, he is also required to feed a needy person for each delayed day, if the delay was not for good reason.

– Having medicine by the anal injection invalidates the fast.

– Non-anal injections do not invalidate the fast unless they are nutritious.

– Eye-drop invalidates the fast if it reaches the throat, in contrast with eardrop, which doesn’t.

– Using an ointment or kohl in the eyes does not affect the validity of the fast due to their non-liquidity, since a non-liquid does not get to the throat through the eye.

– The atomizer used for relieving asthma, if the sick person needs it during the daytime of Ramadān, he may use it and then refast this day later on, though he will still have to abstain from food the whole day.

This is true if he doesn’t have to use it daily, otherwise if it is impossible for him to fast without using it daily, then he is just required to feed a needy person for each day and be exempt from fasting.

– A kidney-diseased person who is undergoing Renal Dialysis is allowed to break off fast if he finds it very difficult to fast through the process and should make up for the break day later.

– Having blood test or donating blood does not affect the validity of the fast.

– Shaving the pubic hair, plucking the armpit and other clean-up actions in the daytime of Ramadān do not invalidate the fast.

– No objection to use of perfume for the fasting; though women are subject to certain restrictions in terms of what kind to use in what circumstances.

– Application of nasal drop or any other fluid through the nose is considered among the fast-invalidating matters.

Hence the fasting person should avoid it during the daytime in Ramadān unless there is extreme necessity for it, whereupon the same ruling will apply to him as that mentioned above in connection with the use of the atomizer.

– Bleeding of the fasting person in the mouth due to tooth extraction or anything else does not invalidate his fast unless he swallows the blood.

However if he swallows some of it involuntarily he won’t be in the wrong and his fast will still hold.

– If the fasting person has to look after a disabled person and therefore has to uncover his private parts to clean and change him then there is nothing wrong with that and his fast won’t be affect ed.

– There is nothing wrong with the swallowing of the phlegm involuntarily.

But if one swallows it deliberately his fast becomes invalid.

– Use of incense has no effect on the fast; though the fasting person has to be careful not to swallow it, otherwise it will spoil his fast.

– Anyone who happens to swallow some water during ablution involuntarily, his fast will not be affected.

– There is no objection to brushing the teeth by daytime in Ramadān. Rather, it is recommendable; though the fasting person ought not to use toothpaste for fear of some of it getting into his throat .

– The woman may not use menstruation preventing pills in order to be able to fast through the whole month of Ramadān, for that is not considered a necessity since Allāh has given her a substitute for her missed days, namely making up for those days after Ramadān.

– Swallowing of inedible or non-food things intentionally will also invalidate the fast.

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