The eternal truth in Islam

Unlike human beings Islam provides facts rather than theories and Allah the Exalted clearly stated them in the holy Quran. These facts include man’s relationship with God, the unseen, the Last Day.
The holy Quran also provides solid facts involving man’s relationship with the past and the future as well his conceptions about the existence.
Such are the Quranic facts upon which Muslims can rely and to which they submit their thoughts, being the words of God these facts are unchangeable as He is the one who knows the secrets of earth and heaven.
When the unbelievers denied that the holy Quran was revealed by God alleging that it was a mere invention of the messenger, came the words of God : (Say, [O Muhammad], “It has been revealed by He who knows [every] secret within the heavens and the earth. Indeed, He is ever Forgiving and Merciful.)


By/His Eminence Shaikh Ahmed al Khalili, Grand Mufti of the Sultanate

الشيخ الجليل أحمد الخليلي


Reference: Oman observer

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