Attributes Of God

The Creator who created both man and the universe has definitely a large number of attributes and qualities. Among these are:

The unity of the system of the universe with its vast dimensions and delicate combinations, and its operation in the most orderly manner provides sufficient evidence of the unity of God the Creator. It would not have been possible for the universe to operate if it had emanated from more than one single authority.


God is eternal, i.e. infinitely pre-existent. The proof of His eternity is that if His existence had had a beginning, He would, like other beings whose existence has a beginning, have required a cause or originator to bring Him into being; and in that case such a cause or originator would be more entitled to divinity.

God is everlasting i.e. timelessly in existence. For it is impossible for a thing whose eternity has been established to cease to exist. If nothing causes God to come to existence, nothing causes Him to continue to exist. And if the continuance of His existence depends on nothing, then He must be self-sufficient, self-existent and everlasting.

Omnipotence (Absolute Power):
The proof of God’s being absolutely powerful is the creation of this universe and its consolidation. Had He been lacking or limited in power, it would not have been possible for Him to create this vast and precisely ordered universe.

Omniscience (Total and Infinite Knowledge):
God is all-knowing; for had Almighty God been unknowing, He would not have been able to create this universe so skillfully and perfect it with such accuracy.

God Almighty must be living; for had He been lifeless, He would possess neither knowledge nor power.

Hearing and Sight:
God Almighty is all-hearing, all-seeing. The Maker of this universe must certainly have full power of hearing and seeing.

God Almighty is fully capable of speaking; as lack of such a power would render Him incapable of creation.





By: Grand Mufti Of Oman , Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamed Alkhalili

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