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Birth of the prophet PBUH
Allah has honored man and favoured him far above many of those whom he has created
This is great islam
Q and A about Islam
Why people embrace Islam?
What is Jihad ?
The Status of Al-Aqsa Mosque by Samahat Sheikh Al-khalili
All about the Holy Month of Ramadan
How was my perspective about Islam ?
Know About Zakaat Al Abdan
What was the reason I reverted to Islam ?
What is Islam ?
My goal is to spread Islam
Kindness is a way to Islam
From terrorist opinion to accept Islam
The Distinction between Ibadis and Kharijites
How To Do the Correct Wadhuu (Ablution) ?
Do you think you have great things in your body ?
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the Bible part.1
Great Universe in Holy QURAN
The Creator – Allah
Prophet Mohammed PBUH
The Greatness of the Holy Quran
Ibadi Islam: Its Origins and Place in Islamic Thought
Why didn’t God create everyone good? Fadel Soliman
Sheikh Khalid Yasin’s perspective on Oman and its people
Allah ? Jesus ? or Eminem ? Muslim Spoken word by Kamal Saleh
Shocking Discovery of Islam
“Dawah” is the ultimate occupation
The Omani Methodology on Sighting the Crescent
Open mind about Mohammed – Allegations VS the truth
What do you think when you look at me? Dalia Mogahed
“Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry keynote speech” 
“My Story With Teenagers – sh. Khalfan M. Al Esry” 
Which is the Latest Divine Guidance to Humanity? by Sheikh Hussain Yee” 
“you are so precious in the sight of Allah” 
“Dr. Kahlan AL-Kharousi: The Moderation “Wasatiyat”” 
“Kahlan Nabhan Al-Kharusi “The Effort of Muslim Scholars in Oman in the Deployment of Moderation”” 
 “Who is God In Islam?   Surat AlIkhlas”
The Missing Link
 “Be mindful of Allah and Allah will protect you // Hadith 19” 
Disobey Allah
Aspects Of Quranic Miracles-Part2
Aspects Of Quranic Miracle-Part 1
Are Ibadis Khawarij?! 
“The Ibadi School of Law – Al-Muatasim Al-Maawali” 
Hatim Aal Abdessalam: Pre Ramadan Tips
Dr.Yousif Al Aufi III Reminder Month Of Ramadan