The way to light

I’m 35 years old, originally from Latvia. I reverted to Islam in 2010. My generation was raised to a certain extent in the Soviet Union. It was a system with its own ideology, in which religion was marginalized. People were discouraged from taking part in any kind of religious services. We were raised in a …

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The Articulation Of Ibadhi Identity In Modern Oman And Zanzibar

With some justification, Ibadhi Muslims complain that although they read the literature of all the sects, non- Ibadhis hardly ever look at Ibadhi literature. Descriptions of Ibadhism in the works of medieval Sunni scholars like Ibn hazm are full of inaccuracies, and modern scholarship on Ibađism has been scant, and has tended to focus on …

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Path of Islam

  “And We will make it easy for you (to follow) the simple path.” Qur’an (87:8), The path of Islam is simply and easy. It seems very natural and primodial for human beings to follow. ➡ On the other hand, spiritual development and perfection may be more difficult to achieve because it requires striving and …

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