Some of Muhammad’s (SAW) Miracles

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One of his miracles was the splitting of the moon into two. This happened when the pagans of Makkah wanted Muhammad to show them the signs of his prophetic powers. Here Allah made the moon split in two; each piece lay on top of a separate mountain. This is related in Chapter 54 verse 1:
The Hour (of Judgment) is nigh, and the moon is cleft asunder.

Among some of his miracles was that he dripped water between his fingers. One of the incidences narrated about this was that one day people had no water to perform ablution for prayers. Here Muhammad (SAW) put his hand in a bucket and water dripped out, and there was enough water for everyone.
One of his other miracles was that if he prayed on the food, it became ample and could feed many people. For example, one day he fed almost seventy to eighty people on a small piece of bread, which was cut into small pieces and then prayed on it, thus all the people ate to their satisfaction.
His mosque in Madina was constructed using trunks of palm trees that formed the columns, and the roof was out of palm tree fronds. He used to stand at one of these columns whenever he preached, and when a rostrum was built for him he stopped standing at that column. People in the mosque started hearing wailing sound coming from the column, and so Muhammad (SAW) instructed the column to be buried under the rostrum.

He also used to cure the sick and those hurt in the war by rubbing and praying on their wounds. His invocations were never returned unheeded by Allah; whatever he prayed and asked for from his Lord it was always granted. His dreams always came true.



Reference: The Twenty Five Prophets

By: Sheikh Nasser bin Issa bin Saeed Al Kindi

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