Muhammed (SAW)

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He is Muhammad bin Abdil Laah bin Abdil Muttalib bin Haashim bin Abdi Manaaf (SAW) and some scholars take his lineage up to the twentieth ancestry. He is the last in the line of Prophets, and was sent to all the nations of the world. His mother is Aamnah bint Wahab, a descendent of Zahrat bin Kilaab from the Quraishy clan.
Abdil Laah was one of the most beloved children of his father, Abdil Muttalib; he married Aamnah when she was eighteen years old. She was one of the most respectable ladies among the Quraishies. Soon after their marriage, she conceived and her husband died two months later in Madina, in the house of his maternal uncles the Bani Aday when he was on his way back from his business trip in Shaam; and was buried there.
Muhammad (SAW) was born on twelfth Rabii L-Awal (the third Arabic month) in the year of the elephant.1 He was born in the house of Abi Taalib in the village of Bani Haashim, and was delivered by Ashafaa’ bint Umar the mother of Abdul Rahman bin Awf. Immediately after he was born, his mother sent someone to his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, with the news of his birth, and Abdul Muttalib received the good news with great joy and gave him the name of Muhammad. This name was not common among the Arabs, but that is how Allah wanted it to be, to prove what came in the Tawraat and Injil where it was mentioned that a Prophet by the name of Ahmed (short for Muhammad) would come. Therefore, Abdul Muttalib unknowingly out of his own heart felt this name was suitable for his grandson.


1The year of the elephant is known as the year when Abraha the king of Yemen wanted to destroy the Holy Kaaba with his army and his elephant. According to calculations, the date falls on 20 April Year 571 After Christ.


Reference: The Twenty Five Prophets by Sheikh Nasser bin Issa bin Saeed Al Kindi

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